Costume quest 2! ! !

Finally coming out! Around halloween this year, get ready for all the fun and magic that comes with lil children dressing up as astronaughts/warriors/lady liberty n fighting actual trolls for candy. This game is perfect for Halloween lovers!  No word on which consoles, which I hope to be ps4 at least.
Check it out then!

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Theres been some drought! That will end soon

Time has come to FLOOD this site with more bloggin! Hopefully by Sunday, Monday and Wednesday!

I have been busy with Wedding planning, working, Hanging with my future Wife, hangin with my friends, more working…

Soon, I will be changing up my schedule to accomidate for some nice quiet quality time with myself (no…not in a dirty way….Giggity).

Expect some new stories soon!!


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“Linkin Park and one drink too many…”

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…. or rather, a computer screen far far away…


Its not what you might think when you hear the title. Actually…it is.

I met this girl online through a site called badoo. You see, Badoo is known in many different countries, not just America.

On badoo, you can set up your profile without having to pay. Now, when the aspect of paying comes up, its for the extra things that help bring more attention to you. See they have this thing called spotlight, its where you pay to put your profile pic on the top of the website that gives you a little time for everyone see you and possibly click on you. You can also activate what they call superpowers, which give a good number of extra stuff you can do. Its a big unnecessary move towards meeting people. I understand the whole “middle man” idea behind it, and they deserve money for their work…but there are other methods to doing this that are free.


I met this girl from Washington state who was very very very cute! At this point in my life, I can honestly say that I do not have a lot of value in myself…and thus I do not have much interest in those with a lot of value themselves (even though I really should…).

I have never met a girl like this before, the kind that…well, I will get to that.

So I send her a message, and luckily she responds to it! I am pretty psyched to have such a pretty girl respond to me. Our conversation started out pretty mild, nothing out of the ordinary and no red flags.

We had one nice thing in common, which was that we both liked Linkin Park. Now, this was during a time that I was looking to go to a Linkin park concert later that year, so it came up in the conversation. We had a good talk about all of our interests, really, but this one was what made her ask a certain question.

We both live too far from one another to travel back and forth to date, and neither of us were interested in living in each others state..so this wasn’t really going anywhere. But it was nice to talk about our stories and have someone just listen and care a lil.

This is where alcohol comes in for a surprise visit.

Later that night told me she had recently broke up with her boyfriend…so really, shes hurt and feeling rejected by somebody that she loved (as she is telling me). Then she says that she wasn’t feeling too happy, and wanted to have something to drink. Said that she was a little tipsy.. and hopes that I won’t think too less of her.

What am I to say… cuz I really don’t know..

I try to make my new pen pal feel better. Then she starts telling me about how she thinks I would make a good boyfriend and it is a shame that I live so far away…

At this point, I think she wants to see if I would come by.

I thought about this, really gave it consideration, tried to see it from her side, checked out what the INTERWEBZ had to say about this “Washington” place…and I can definitely say that that was a lie. I had no interest, no thought, no nada on moving… I was there just comforting someone, and I knew that none of this was really going to be helpful.

She seemed like she was too focused on herself. Even on her facebook, she would post up a little hate, others would try to calm her down…
It was a bullet that I was glad I dodged..

So, after a while, I saw her as the type to want attention and I was tired of wanting to give any. Its just that, to me, I like to help others…but in a situation like this it seemed like thats all that was happening. Thats not what a relationship is about…thats not what a friendship is about…theres give and take. This became too one sided. She was more interested in her own story and how negative things were, how people view it, and that maybe this was not a good time to be interacting with this girl.

Me, personally, I like to be positive and happy! Though you may not think that when I say I listened to Linkin Park lol though that have become a lot happier in their music as of late haha.


“Was it 6 or 7 in a year…?”

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The MisAdventures In Online Dating – Linkin Park and one drink too many…



Overall! Worth a watch!!


Justice League War

WOW! Great animated film

The first fight wasn’t anything too crazy with green lantern and batman against that creature from apocalypse. Great art, good animation, fantastic sound. Music goes great with every scene. Surround sound is another fantastic addition and fun to really test out with my new headphones.

The fight scene with Wonder Woman and the hundreds of flying aliens was really nice, very lovely effects.

My favorite characters origin story is most likely cyborg. I have always liked the character since that Teen Titans cartoon.


Every character was not used to their fullest, but thats okay. There will always be more justice league movies and it was nice to see a little more cyborg. I believe a number of these justice leaguers have already had movies about them so no harm.

Wow, people really don’t like Wonder Woman in this movie.. They keep calling her Whore.

Her freak out about ice cream was actually very funny, very cute.

The voice overs are nothing great. Nothing to make me wanna hear them reprise their roles. Still, Hal Jordan never has a horrible voice actor. Darkseid on the other hand was good, but screamed way too much. I was getting tired of it during the fight, but it didn’t completely take me out of the movie during that tie.


I wish Darkseid was less of a monster, and more a cunning strategist. Here…he just yelled and screamed, was either on the giving end of pain or the receiving. Nothing special, nothing to really make him stand out.

Great fight scene at the end! It ran on for quite some time and had some smart action, animation, stunning effects, and great use of each individual character..though there were times where the story felt paper thin. Not enough to push this into what flashpoint was. Flash point really had it all. I can only hope for more next time, but this was still great! And I will watch again, if only for the humor between the team, and the great action sequences.

I can’t help but wonder what the next animated Justice League movie will be…?

I do believe that it will be about aqua man, as the extra scene at the ending credits heavily pointed towards that…though theres always more to it when something so obvious is shown at the end.

I will say this, the extras in this are great! Four cartoon episodes. One from Justice League Unlimited, the other from Batman the Brave and the Bold. And then two from Young Justice. There was also the look at the next Batman movie, the Son Of Batman.

Now, from what I understand, DC wants to have a shared universe with its current animated movies. So this will go into the next movie, Son Of Batman. After that, either another character or it will be more Justice league.



Justice League War